Balestrini: CP/HSC 4-6-8

CP/HSC 4-6-8
Double-Sided Shaper and Sander

is based on metalworking machine criteria.
The thick steel base has a singlepiece box-type construction with internally-fitted structure bars.
The sliding surfaces of the carriage and machining units are milled and polished.

The machining units are composed of a sturdy lower slide on which the main head is mounted, together with the motor and tool holder supports.  The cutter heads shafts are fitted on supports (spheroidal cast iron) with contact angle bearings.  
These produce the finest quality shaping finish, even during particularly heavy machining operations.

The carriage, constructed in cast iron, has deep reinforcement ribbing designed to counteract very flexing created by the workpiece clamps.  The flexing recorded at the points of maximum stress is only 0.03 mm. 

The sliding system used for the carriage and machining heads
consists of STAR slideways in hardened, polished steel which are mounted along their entire length on the base; the slideways are aligned with a max. tolerance of + 1/100 mm.

General technical data:
-max workpiece length 2500 mm
-max workpiece width 300 mm
-max workpiece height 180 mm
-shaping shafts 0 35 mm
-max. tool 0 160 mm
-cutters speed 8400 rpm
-carriage feed speed 0 -14m/min
-carriage return speed 60m/min
-shaping motors (if on 1st pos.) 10 HP 
(if  on 2nd pos.) 5.5 HP
-shaping/sanding motors 4.5/6HP
-sanding motors 4 HP

CP/HSC-machines permit shaping and sanding on two faces of a solid wood workpiece , without the need for copy templates.  The shapes required are in fact obtained through interpolation along the axes: workpiece carriage axis and machining head axis.  The use of an CNC  with this type of machine has a number of advantages, the most important being:
  • No need for copy templates.
    Costs involved in constructing templates are weighing more and more heavily in the costs of the finished product.
  • Machining precision
    The use of CNC technology eliminate the need of physical copy systems, thus avoiding friction problems as well as problems created by dust between copy bearings and templates.
  • Consistent reproduction of original shape  
    The memorized program is not subject to wear and allows compensation of the diameter of the tool after grinding.
  • Machining of special shapes
  • Extremely high production output
    due to machining speeds previously of and overall production increases thanks to very short set-up times.

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